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Get Strong with Jen and Jesus

Get Strong with Jen and Jesus: Service

22 Days of Prayer for those impacted by PTSD

June is PTSD awareness month. The statistics do vary with regard to the average amount of deaths related to PTSD, but one thing is certain there are millions of people miltary and otherwise, impacted by the painful emotional symptoms related to PTSD.

If you are ready to do the work, though, there is hope!


I have created a prayer journal titled:

22 Days of Prayer for your PTSD Partner.


My hope is that you will partner with us to pray for yourself or a loved one impacted by PTSD, or pray as you search for answers to bring peace, trust, strength, and discipline to the lives of those around you.Working together we can make today better than yesterday!

Recommended Books

Book Title:

The Bible

Book Title:

The Power of A Praying Wife

Written by: Stormie Omartian

Book Title:

The Power of A Praying Husband

Written by: Stormie Omartian

Book Title:

Everybody Always

Written by: Bob Goff

Book Title:

Where There is Love, there is God

Written by: Mother Teresa

Book Title:

Hearts of Fire

Eight Women in the Underground Church and their stories of Costly Faith

Written by: Gracia Burnham

Book Title:

Jesus Calling

Written by: Sarah Young

Book Title:

Stand Strong

Editor: Dave Branon


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