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Book Title:

The Body Keeps the Score

Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Written By: Bessel Van Derkolk MD

Book Title:

When the Body Says No

Exploring the Stress Disease Connection

Written By: Gabor Mate MD

Book Title:

The Wizard of Oz & Other Narcissists

Coping with the one way relationship in work, love, and family

Written By: Eleanor D. Payson, MSW

Book Title:

Untangling Relationships

A Christians Perspective on Codependency Workbook

Written By: Pat Springle

Book Title:

Don't Call it Love

Written By: Dr. Gregory L Jantz and Dr. Tim Clinton



EMDR Therapy - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

ADDitude - Inside the ADHD Mind

Our Journey with PTSD


Teach Her That She Matters - Here

Teacher Her That She Matters Part 2 - Here

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Learning to Let the Light In - Here

Finding Peace.Trust.Strength.Discipline when you are in a marriage where PTSD is present - Here

Allow Yourself Time - Here

Stick Figure Therapy - Here

Keeping a Steady Hand in the ReShuffle - Here

Becoming Your Spouse's PTSD Partner - Here

Would You Marry Yourself? - Here

When Your Peace and Safety are Compromised - Here

Put Your Shoes On - Here

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