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Stick Figure Therapy

It’s not just for kids.

Recently, I was struggling to pray in the way that I wanted to pray. I listened to devotionals, I prayed prayers, I read scripture, and I sang songs, but the words would just not come. As I sat, staring at the wall, I saw my daughter’s handprints -- all colors -- on the wall. And thought, this is what I need: COLOR!

So, I walked out of the room and down the hall to the set of drawers with all of our art supplies. I rummaged through a couple of drawers, found crayons, and walked back to my room. I sat in the chair looking at my notebook paper and the crayons and thought that I should probably get some white paper to draw on. Then I remembered “even if you do get the best paper in all of the land, Jen this is not going to turn out remotely close to what you are thinking. Your artistic ability does not go much further than a heart and maybe a cute smiley face. Just stick with what you have got and work from there.”

And, so that is exactly what I did - stick figure therapy. And, just like that I moved from the chair to a position on the floor. I laid down on the carpet and began to color. It did not matter that it was on notebook paper or that it was not perfect. It was between me and God and that was all that mattered.

And, so I laid there on my side, my arm stretched out and my head resting on it. Mindlessly, effortlessly I colored.

And soon the words came and they were beautiful. And right there on the floor with my crayons, notebook paper, and stick figures is where God met me and that was even more beautiful!

And, so I pray for you today that wherever you are, that whatever you are doing that God meets you. I pray that God can provide you with what you need whether that be stick figure therapy or something totally different. Most especially I pray that you are in position to receive all that He has to offer you.

Stretch out your arms, lay down on the floor, and give it all to Him today!

Ya'll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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