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Welcome to Get Strong With Jen!

It is through the encouragement of friends and family, but mostly from my incredible husband who was diagnosed with PTSD in August 2016 and looked at me in early 2019 to say "I believe in you Jen! And, I will support whatever you need for Get Strong with Jen." And, that is why I am here folks!

It feels like we have walked hundreds of miles dragging incredibly heavy chains and baggage since we first received his diagnosis. And, certainly a million miles from where we were prior to the diagnosis, but it has been so worth the work and the wait.


Get Strong originates from the mantra I developed for myself as I began my journey to leave our abusive marriage, which happened in part because my husband lived with undiagnosed PTSD for over 20 years. Through much hard work, patience and a whole -- whole lotta prayer, as well as, strength training in all four core areas of our life my husband and I were able to reconcile. Each day though, still brings it’s challenges, which requires daily maintenance and much prayer.


My hope is that in sharing our story, through Get Strong with Jen, that in some small way you will find more joy, love and peace in your life. Regardless, of why you are here, it is my hope that each time you visit you find the information here valuable.


Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but when you have the right tools and resources in place there can certainly be sunshine and rainbows in every day.

                                                    All my love,


**NOTE: I would never encourage anyone to stay in an abusive relationship and I would never encourage anyone to go back to an abuser if they are truly not doing the work to recover and heal. Abuse should not be accepted at any level. Please reach out for help and separate yourself immediately if you are involved in an abusive relationship.

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