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Put Your Shoes On

“Rocks aren’t just something to stub your toe on they are catalysts for our growth.” - Beth Moore

If you have ever walked barefooted across hot gravel in the Texas summer heat then you will understand the discomfort, twisting in pain, hopping from one foot to the other kind of pain that rocky roads can cause.

Does life feel this way at times? It certainly can.

So, how do you cope?

The simple answer. Put your shoes on.

If you laughed or even rolled your eyes then you are already on the road to healing and ready to:

  1. Acknowledge the pain.

  2. Take action. Laugh, roll your eyes, stomp your feet, yell, scream, cry. Then determine your next steps.

  3. Pray. While you are in the midst of discerning the best action to take, talk with God. Let him know that you feel like you are walking on hot gravel. You could write something like this: “I feel like I am walking on hot gravel, Lord and it hurts like hell. What can I do to live a life more aligned with you? A life that feels like I am walking on smooth solid ground?”

  4. Then listen. Write down what you hear. It could be words to a song. It could be the sound of your children or the birds chirping. Listen intently. Write down what you see. And, finally write down what you feel.

  5. Then sit quietly and breathe in everything that God has planned for you.

Or maybe just pick up one of those hot rocks and hold it against the tension in your neck and shoulders and feel the release.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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