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Allow Yourself Time

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about because I have certainly been writing and it’s kind of good, well actually AMAZING stuff!

I surprise myself sometimes at the things that I come up with.

So, it’s not the ideas or the lack of writing that’s preventing me from posting. More so, I think the quiet and calmness of this time period we are living in.

I kind of just want to withdraw. No, not from life, but technology. You see I definitely see a purpose for it. It’s pretty amazing actually! It has advanced us in ways we never thought possible in just a hundred years. It’s allowed us to keep in contact with one another across continents and time zones and now even with our friends who we saw on a regular basis, but have chosen to temporarily quarantine ourselves from. It’s allowed businesses to continue to generate revenue even in a situation where we cannot work in one location together and it gives us a place of entertainment where we might otherwise be bored.

But, I kind of like the boredom. The boredom was an amazing, incredible gift that we had as children. At least those of us who are over 40. It was the place where we worked out and solved world problems. Okay, well not exactly world problems, but problems in our small world.

Like Barbie and Ken and their issues with one another and their friends. Barbie had to learn to work it out with Ken; otherwise, there was some other Barbie ready to pick up the pieces and welcome Ken into her life with open arms. And, the same went for Ken. And, then there was Mindy and Cindy (or some other set of rhyming named twins) who were friends with Barbie, but one of them got a little too snooty and started drama that temporarily ended a friendship, but then they all sat together and worked it out. Yep, you guessed it! I lived in a dream Barbie world and I loved it there! I still do!

I think it’s important to teach children to role play and act things out. Practice. And, even more important to provide them with the resources and time to actually see the process through.

Sometimes my Barbies would fight for three or four days. Staying in their place over a period of time in my room on the floor or in their house and my parents allowed it. I don’t know that they really understood what was happening or even asked. I am about 99% certain my Dad would suggest that I clean up and I am about 99% that I followed directions and Barbie and friends quickly solved their problems, but most times I was allowed the time that I needed to work things out.

That’s my message to you today, don’t rush things. Be patient and follow the process. Even if you cannot quite see the steps. You will come to know them.

Allow yourself time to make the decision. Allow yourself time to move forward. Allow yourself time to breathe. Allow yourself time to heal. Allow yourself time.

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,


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