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Teach Her That She Matters Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I encouraged you to sit with the little girl inside of you for just a few minutes and remind her that she is incredibly loved. I hope you found that your time together brought you great joy and was an incredibly beautiful experience. And, if you are a gentleman, I hope that you found the little boy inside of you was having a ball jumping up and down, climbing over fences, laughing and having a beautiful time too.

As, I continued this journey in learning to love “little Jen” I really felt the need to find a picture of myself at or around age 3. I wanted to find a picture that really embodied who I was as a little girl and as a woman. My parents have a beautiful portrait of me taken around age 3 hanging in their living room. Sandy-blonde hair curled on the ends, hazel eyes, and a pink dress. I was a doll. And, I was incredibly blessed with parents who always made me feel like I was one too, but that was not quite what I was looking for.

I began looking through old pictures. This exercise was a beautiful experience because I found all sorts of family photos and walked through so many amazing memories. It helped to remind me that I am truly and deeply loved. And, that life has always been beautiful. Soon enough, I found what I was looking for!

It is a picture of 3-year-old me from Easter! From the looks of it, I was apparently super excited and ready to tell the world about my egg! A simple little Easter egg that is meant to bring temporary joy and excitement to the life of a child, but as I looked at that picture, I knew there was something more… something greater. That little egg can provide nourishment and even life.

One of the greatest gifts the picture afforded me was that it reminded me that I was worthy of a rich and nourishing life. It reminded me that what I think does matter and it is important. It reminded me to slow down and listen to “little Jen” because she gets super excited about the simple things that can sometimes provide great nourishment and life. Digging deeper it reminded me that I too was once a little egg who had been nourished and was incredibly blessed that my parents chose life for me. And, upon another dig it reminded me that God provides our source of nourishment through scripture, but more importantly through the relationships that we build on this earth. It reminded me that so many of my relationships are rich and nourishing and full of life. It reminded me that everyone deserves a chance at those same types of relationships, and I wanted to help others find that joy and excitement in all that they do.

So today, I encourage you to set aside time soon to look through old photos to find a picture of little you. A picture that can serve as an inspiration to you. One that you can look to when you need a reminder of the love, the power, the joy, and excitement for life that you hold inside!

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All my love,


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