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Keeping a steady hand in the reshuffle

Ever have one of those days where you are asked to reshuffle your plans?

What did you do? How did you react?

Sometimes we react in a healthy way, politely doing our due diligence to address or take care of a need. Sometimes we behave with haste and rush through a task or conversation in order to get the next thing done. Sometimes we behave with anger yelling at, cursing, or throwing things.

During these times of reshuffle it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  1. By dropping your plans to handle a situation you are not giving into pressure; rather, you are taking a moment to be thoughtful and caring about the way that you respond to the needs of others. This is okay to do.

  2. Rest. Rest is the single most important thing you can do next to prayer. When you are well rested you tend to make better decisions and typically react to hard or difficult situations in a healthier way.

  3. Set a boundary before you reshuffle. Either a boundary with yourself or a boundary with the person/s you are making the commitment to. Then stick to it. Doing this will help you to keep from over extending yourself.

  4. Smile and breathe. Seems silly to sit and look at your phone or outside the window or even at a blank page on your desk and smile, but do it. Take in a deep breath while you do. Then when you are being asked to reshuffle, yet again you will have this visual to help you to pull from and respond in a healthier way.

Be mindful that the people who are asking you to reshuffle your plans usually don’t want to ask you, but it is out of necessity for the situation. They sometimes cannot give you specific directions about what the reshuffle will look like or how long it will last because they do not know themselves.

Preparing yourself in advance of or in the midst of the reshuffle will help you to respond in a healthier manner and will leave you in a place of peace.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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