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Walking the Journey Towards Peace.Trust.Strength.Discipline

Since I started Get Strong with Jen! I have not written much specifically about PTSD or the impact that it has had on our life. It is an incredibly sensitive topic to broach. I especially wanted to give careful consideration to the way in which I discussed it because I want this to be about healing from trauma, not so much about living in trauma.

Keeping all of that in mind, I created Sunshine and Whiskey with Jen to house the beautiful pieces of the PTSD journey when healing is occurring, as well as, the hard to swallow, almost burning pieces that can sometimes present themselves when you have PTSD.

To begin, I want to thank my husband for making the incredibly brave decision to not only get help, but for consistently showing up to his appointments with his current counselor and following his plan for healing. In addition, I want to thank him for recognizing the incredible gift that our family is and for being willing to dig deep and do the work that is necessary to provide a safe place for our daughters to flourish in.

Next, as a family we want to thank ALL of our counselors. Since 2004, there have been 10 in total who have worked with us in some form to provide an additional layer of support for our family. The tools and resources you offered us eventually helped us to walk together with more trust in ourselves and one another, which helped to provide the self-discipline and strength we needed to have more authentic conversations. Being able to engage in harder, deeper, more thoughtful conversations eventually led to more peace in ourselves and our home.

We want to thank our parents. You welcomed us into your homes with loving arms and allowed us the space and time that we needed to heal. We are incredibly grateful for the love and support you provided us with during one of the most difficult times in our marriage.

To our friends and family members who stood by us as we walked an extremely hard journey to healing. Thank you for checking in and being available when we needed you. All of our love.

Finally, we want to thank our incredibly beautiful daughters. You remind us on a daily basis of how behaving with self-discipline requires an incredible amount of strength but is critical to establishing and maintaining trust and peace in your relationships. Your thoughtfulness in creating and presenting me with my Sunshine and Whiskey journal with the words “Smile. Laugh. Love.” included on the front cover remind me that each time I write for Sunshine and Whiskey that, although PTSD is a sensitive topic to discuss, when the discussion comes from a place of love it can also be filled with many smiles and laughter. We love you both so incredibly much!

Thank you to those of you who take a moment to stop and read my posts. Post-Traumatic Stress can alter your life, but when you are surrounded with incredible people, the right resources and tools, and are able to open your heart to receive the love around you it becomes easier to walk the journey toward peace, with strength, trust, and discipline.

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,



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