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Would You Marry Yourself?

I listened to a talk recently about wanting to marry yourself. The speaker talked about how we look for characteristics within a potential partner that are similar to ours. It got me thinking though: Would I marry myself?

Knowing everything that I know about me, would I want to marry someone like me? The silly part of me says “Well of course! I mean I am perfect in every way.” The serious part of me says “Well ma’am you have some fixin’ to do.”

First, live above reproach. This does not mean that you are perfect, but that you strive to be. You do not put yourself or your loved ones in places where they could be harmed. This does not mean that you could not be accused of wrongdoing or that someone might not hold something against you, but at the end of the day your integrity and credibility will stand firm.

Secondly, be kind to yourself. Living with someone who treats themselves with kindness, takes care of, and nurtures themselves is critical to the success of any relationship. Typically someone who is kind to themselves is also kind to others.

Thirdly, speak kindly about yourself. Being able to positively affirm yourself and speak kindly about yourself is a sign of strength and understanding. You know and understand that you make mistakes, but you are able to see them, learn from them, and speak to them so that you can grow. In turn, you will be able to speak kindly to others even when they make mistakes..

Finally, protect yourself. Knowing and understanding your limitations is important. Being able to communicate those boundaries to those around you and standing your ground even more important. Protecting yourself by stepping back for a few moments, asking for time, or otherwise setting up another healthy boundary is important to not only preserving your health, but the health of your relationships.

I am sure there are other attributes that could use some fixin’, but I think I will start with these. What about you? Would you marry you? If your answer is yes, then roll on my friend, but if your answer is “ummm…” then I want to invite you to sit here for a while and consider where you might like to grow stronger in your relationship with you.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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