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Holding onto Hope - Sleeping Under Jesus' Wings

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Sometimes our children say the funniest, but most insightful things.

As our youngest daughter read a prayer tonight from one of our dear friends she said “Well, now wonder I get hot while I am asleep. I am sleeping under Jesus’ wings!”

The smiles and chuckles from her father and I came quickly and we all nodded our head in agreement. Sleeping under Jesus’ wings would most definitely help you to feel warm. She went on with life, but I continued to ponder her words which led to an amazing image of Christ having his arms wrapped around me, colors of a beautiful sunrise surrounding us and an insurmountable peace washed over me.

I sat with that image for a while, and then began to take this next step in hope - Holding onto Phillipians and Ephesians - with a quiet peace knowing that Jesus’ wings will always protect and guard me, as well as, keep me warm. And, it is here that we step into Ephesians and listen to Paul as he reminds us that our Father “ has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing” and has “marked [us] with the seal of the promised Holy Spirit.”

Paul’s hope for us is ever entrenched in his prayerfulness to God and his belief in “God’s immeasurable greatness... and working of his great power.” He reminds us that although we “were dead through the trespasses and sins” that our “God, who is rich in mercy… made us alive together with Christ.”

What a celebration! What an AWESOME reminder!

He further reminds us that grace “is the gift of God...which [He] prepared beforehand to be our way of life.” Paul goes on to further explain that we “have access in our spirit to the Father… and are no longer strangers...but citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God.”

He further prays that we may be “strengthened in [our] inner being...and be rooted and grounded in love.” He encourages us to allow God’s power to work within us “to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine.”

He calls us to hold hope in our hearts so that we might “know the love of Christ.” And, it is here that we pause on our journey with Paul wrapped in the warmth of Jesus’ wings --- wrapped in his arms of love.

Ya’ll have an amazing day!

All My Love,


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