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Make Your Home A Center of Burning Love

“You must make your home a center of burning love, the sunshine of God’s love must be in your home first.” Mother Teresa

When I first read this quote from Mother Teresa, I interpreted it as taking time within your own family to talk to one another every day, to pray, to be together, to love one another. I thought about the ways that we could lift one another up with a thoughtful word or expression, about ways that we could be there for one another on a more consistent basis, ways that we could truly take time for one another. For months, I saw our home as being filled with this radiant light, with this unwavering love, but then I thought more about how this quote applies to us as individuals.

Our home, our true home is our heart. So, truthfully if we are going to make our home the center of burning love, we are talking about ourselves. Before we can truly lift anyone else up, we should be able to lift ourselves up. Filling ourselves with God’s word, reading the Bible each day, listening to a sermon, participating in church services, thoughtfully spending time in prayer, listening to and waiting on God are all ways that we can cultivate the sunshine of God’s love in our heart. Then we can truly lift one another up in our homes and go out into the world where we can share God’s radiant love.

I encourage you to spend time in reflection about what you consistently do each day to lift yourself up. If you find that you need to spend more time cultivating the sunshine of God’s love in your heart, I encourage you to choose one spiritual practice to consistently engage in each day. I am certain that you will find your heart, your home will soon be filled with a radiant light and an unwavering love leading you to the center of burning love.

Life may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but as you become a center of burning love you will find sunshine and rainbows in each day! Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All my love,


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