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Dance Into the Day with Faith Like A Hummingbird

I have always been fascinated by hummingbirds. They are so tiny and fly so fast. It is amazing to me how their tiny wings flutter. How much faith they must have to zip around from flower to flower mostly unprotected.

Though, one day, as I sat in the garden, I noticed that they seemed to be flying to and from the same point. Fascinated as usual by these tiny birds, I watched them for a while. First one would appear. Then a second would swoop in. Momentarily the first would remain then swiftly fly towards the direction the second one came. I watched this dance for sometime and finally spotted their base. A particular branch on our oak tree provided them with a safe space to land, catch their breath, and begin their dance again.

As I continued to watch it became almost like a game as I could feel the quick flutter overhead as they zipped over my head on their way to the sweet nectar. Again, I was fascinated with how they took turns, and were careful not to get in each other’s way. They almost seemed to watch out for and protect one another.

This went on for several days until one day one took off in another direction and the other followed. As they flew away, I remember thinking “Well I guess they are all danced out” and just like that they were gone.

They knew it was time to move on. Although, I am certain they will return whether it be the two we knew or others. But I still wonder what causes them to know. Is it the taste of the nectar, the change in the wind, or temperature? Is it the smell or texture of the flower? Or what happens from one moment to the next that causes them to stay in one place for days, then suddenly shift and head another direction. I am certain the googler has all the answers to my questions, but for now, I think…

Our relationships can sometimes be like this. One day we are here, very aware of one another almost in rhythm guiding and guarding each other, yet at times there can be a sudden shift. It’s not exactly that one particular act or intention caused the shift. It just is. We have to have faith in these situations that God is in control. He knows the best and safest place to land. Much like that oak tree in our yard provided a safe space to land, so does he provide a place for us to breathe and begin our dance again.

The good news is that God doesn’t shift. His love for us remains constant. He always provides us with a safe space to land and is our greatest protector. He always provides the sweetest nectar.

The greatest news is that you don’t ever have to leave Him. Even if the wind shifts He will still be there. Even if the taste of the nectar changes He will still be there. Even if the temperature changes or the flower starts to fade, He remains. What an amazing relationship!

So, dance into your day with faith like a hummingbird!

All My Love,


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