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Get Strong with Jen and Jesus -- Do Small Things With Great Love

“Do small things with great love. Ordinary things with extraordinary love.” – Mother Teresa

In our everyday life it is easy to get tired, bored, or frustrated with doing the same things. When you have asked your child to put away their shoes, but find that you have tripped over their shoe for what seems like the 20th time that day or helped your husband locate his wallet for at least the third time this week you may find yourself frustrated – tired- even angry. In those times, stop and feel the love, breathe it in, and smile. Then with extraordinary love gently remind everyone to slow down and put their belongings in their respective places. Remember that it is in the small things that we do to help make someone else’s day a little lighter that we find that our day becomes a little lighter too.

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

Much Love,


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