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Living with the Gray!

Many times, I go to God with all the things I want or need, but I forget that sometimes God also wants to talk to me. We are in an intimate relationship after all. He talks, I listen. I talk, He listens. Sometimes we compromise and sometimes He holds His ground which frustrates me, but I must let it go. He’s God after all. He reminds me that “even the hairs on [my] head have all been counted” and that I should not to be afraid (Luke 12:7). He reminds me to trust him with all my heart (Proverbs 3:5).

So, as I age, my hair is getting grayer by the minute. My beautiful family has had moments of begging me to dye it and I have thought about it, but quite honestly maintaining it would stress me out more than living with the gray. Plus, I would not get the joy of finding a kinky curly one and hearing our car burst into laughter as my husband or girls proudly announce, “Mom’s found another witch hair!” and I let out my best cackle, which prompts louder laughter.

As, I thought more about that idea... living with the gray.

I thought about how God has counted all the hairs on my head. This includes the gray and the kinky curly ones, as well as, the long straight brown ones. And, it makes me smile. None of them are less important in his eyes. Just like the moments in my life... the moments where I walked the straight path where I made the right decisions or experienced joyful moments with Him, the gray moments where maybe someone was disrespectful to me or I to them... or maybe those sad heartbreaking moments, and even in the moments where my life got a little kinky curly, spinning out of control. He’s got me. All I have to do is trust Him and listen.

For just a moment today, consider taking time to thank God for all those gray moments in your life. Those moments where maybe you felt like God was holding his ground and wasn’t compromising with you. Those moments where life got a little kinky curly and you felt like you were spinning out of control. Thank Him for holding you in the storm and trusting you to listen to Him.

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All My Love,


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