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Let It Be

“For It is in giving that we receive” - St. Francis of Assisi

As I consider this quote, I think about giving or handing over my hurts, my frustrations, and my life to God.

How life changing! In making this one small change God gifts us with more than we could ever dream.

For most of my life I thought I handed over my problems to God. But many times I handed them over until I thought he was not working fast enough or in the way in which I wanted. I failed to notice that what I was saying to God was “I trust you until…”

In some ways I still do that, but as I sit here in the garden I recognize that I do listen to Him more. I actually hear His voice fairly loud and clear. Most days He is a man of few words, but His words are profound. Some days though He gives me so much more. So much to comprehend, to think about and consider. And, then we laugh together because He knows that now I am percolating and ruminating and He says “Jennifer Ann. This is all mine. You are all mine. Now, let it be.” And, so I do.

Let it be. Whatever it is that you are percolating or ruminating on, let it be today. Give God the space and time that He needs to work just like the soil nourishes the seed and gives it a place to anchor and grow, allowing God to be the same for you.

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,


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