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Living on Earth means we live with HEART!

Our children are one of God’s greatest gifts. They bring so much incredible bountiful joy into our lives with their beautiful smiles, infectious laughter, and challenging questions.

Of course, the questions!

In a recent conversation, with my youngest she asked me why the earth was called earth.

I pondered for a moment and said, “You know I really don’t know, but grab a sheet of paper and write it down and we will see what we can figure out.”

I was in the middle of cleaning and I knew that if I shifted from one task to the other, I would completely forget what my mission was. I do that frequently. My family and I have come to an understanding now that if you need something done and cannot do it yourself, then you better write it down and put flashing neon signs around it; otherwise, it could get overlooked. And, sometimes you still have to check on the status.

So, she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote the word “Earth” on the paper. As she wrote I stood looking over her shoulder and as the last letter hit the page, I asked “What if we put the H at the beginning of the word?” So, she wrote “Heart.” I said “Well look at that. It spells heart. If you want to know more, we can certainly google it Little Bit.” “Nope.” She said. “All good.” Off she bounced to her room.

So, now I sit here days later still pondering the wonderment and innocence of that moment. Thinking about the mission of Get Strong with Jen! to bring more joy, love, and peace into the lives of others, so that today is better than yesterday.

And, here I live on this earth --- here I live on this heart of God wondering why at times we can get so broken and beaten down. And, then I remember His faithful promise to us in Matthew 7:7 “knock and it shall be open to you. Seek and you will find… a new heaven and a new earth (heart). The former heaven and the former earth (heart) have passed away and the sea was no more” (Revelation 21:1).

I encourage you today to take a moment to continue to ponder this idea of why earth is called earth and ask yourself:

What would life look like if we all saw living on earth as actually living on God’s heart? Would it look different? Would we behave differently?

Our answers might look slightly different, but I am guessing that most of us would agree that there are definitely some things that we would do differently, so let's start living that way today. Living on earth means we live with heart!

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All My Love,


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