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Where the Road Ends

Ever have one of those moments where it appears that the road has ended? Maybe it’s a relationship that came to an end suddenly. Or an unexpected medical diagnosis that sure made it feel like the road ended. Sure there were a few signs, you kind of saw it coming, yet still you were shocked.

Well, there’s a road like that on South Padre Island in Texas. I know I was shocked too! Who would have thought that an island road would end? When I thought about it though it did make sense, after all it is an island.

There are a couple of warning signs just before it ends, but as you look down the road in the sun you cannot see it. It’s like a mirage. Then, suddenly, you see a sign that reads “Road Closed Vehicles Prohibited” and a big barricade atop a mound of sand.

Though, what’s beyond the end of the road, far beyond where the eye can see is what fascinated me the most. You see, quite simply, more sand, more beach, and more water. Wait for it!

As you walk for a while there appears to be almost a round mountain of sand, which I was once again convinced must be the end of the island, but no! As you come around the bend, it opens up to more land and more water as far as you can see.

What I didn’t see coming, was the amazing whirlpool that awaited me there. I had left the camera with my husband, so there are no pictures, only my memory and the incredible healing I felt as I slowly knelt down, then laid in the pool.

You see the ocean etched out sort of this small pool of water on the shore. The ocean’s ebb and flow created a whirlpool effect as the water entered the small pool and gently flowed back over the shore and into the ocean. It was fascinating to watch and one of those moments I stood in awe of the world and how it all works together. It was truly a hidden treasure. I stood briefly watching nature work and thanking God for pushing me to go beyond what appeared to be a dead end.

Then I stepped into the middle of the pool and watched as the water swirled at my feet. I felt compelled to touch it with my hands, so I bent down. Then ever so slowly I knelt and finally tipped myself forward so that I was face down in the water, similar to the child’s pose in yoga. I closed my eyes and just let the water swirl around me.

I don’t really remember if I prayed, what I prayed, or what was going through my mind. I know though that I felt an incredible healing and when I stood up and breathed in I felt alive. I was reinvigorated. As I walked away, I began to feel a bounce in my step and soon I was running. I ran like a child, excited to share the story of my discovery with my husband and he was delighted to listen.

It was a beautiful, unexpected moment that had I rushed or been afraid to venture out on my own, I would have missed. It reminded me that at times when it seems like the road has ended or that life will never be the same, that if you look just beyond the end, if you keep going a few steps at a time you never know what kind of treasure you might find.

Every once in a while, I envision myself in that small whirlpool and breathe in deeply remembering the healing that I felt while I was there.

So today, I want to invite you into the whirlpool with me.

Take a moment to close your eyes and feel the water swirl at your feet. Take in a deep breath. Then see yourself bend at your knees to gently touch it. Move your hand back and forth and take in another deep breath. Finally, see yourself on your knees in a child’s pose. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Let the water just swirl around you. Ever so slowly see yourself stand back up. Take in another breath and stretch as high as you can. Then see yourself slowly step out of the pool and begin running along the shore. Now, SMILE!!!!

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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