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The Healing Does Come

Many of us have had those moments and those relationships that we thought would last forever. Some ended because of death, some ended without notice, some ended because you or the other person walked away. Regardless, in most circumstances we needed to grieve and heal.

At times this can be devastating - it can almost feel like you cannot go on or even breathe. Over time though, in most circumstances we learn that we can. We see it. We feel it. The HEALING.

Sometimes it comes to us in the quiet moments, in the whispers of our children or the joyful noise of a bird. Sometimes it comes to us through a letter from a friend or a thoughtful conversation. Sometimes it comes through a smile or laugh and sometimes it even comes through tears.

One thing is certain - it comes - the healing does come!

It may not come in the way we had hoped. It may not come with clanging gongs or jubilant bells, but it does come. It comes with lasting peace and hope and it is beautiful!

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,


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