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Talk to Me Goose!

As a child of the 80s I quickly came to love those two beautiful characters Maverick and Goose who trained at the US Navy’s Fighter Weapons School, Top Gun. They were the best of friends, willing to fight with and for each other until the end. They got into trouble and out of trouble together. They were skilled flight partners. And, one thing was for certain they relied on each other.

Throughout the movie, Goose serves as Maverick’s co-pilot. Sometimes Maverick listens to him, sometimes he doesn’t. One thing is certain, things tend to go much smoother when Maverick listens.

The image of these two gentlemen in their fighter jet reminds me of my partnership with God.

As long as He’s the only person in my cockpit and I listen to Him things go smoothly. Most of the time I would prefer that he fly the plane, but He has assured me that it is not necessary for Him to fly it, only that I listen and follow the flight plan that He has created for me.

In the movie Maverick is faced with the devastating loss of Goose after he is prematurely ejected from the plane. Some days I must admit that I have inadvertently ejected God from my plane, I may have even taken off a time or two without my co-pilot because I thought I could fly on my own. The good news is that we get to rewrite the story with God. Even though I may feel like I ejected God from my plane or that He was not there, He will always be right there even if we crash. He will hang on tightly to us and continue to work in and through us to bring us everything that we need. He understands our hurts and our pains and he continues working long after we think that He is done.

So, when you need a friend, a problem-solver, someone to buzz the tower with or just someone to share your good news with, consider whispering these words or shout them from the rooftop “Talk to me God!” and listen. Then get ready for your plane to soar!

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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