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Show up to the Bar

Some of you are probably all geeked up for a drink at your favorite bar, while others of you are questioning my sanity in encouraging others to show up at the bar.

So, let’s be clear about the kind of bar, we are going to discuss. It’s approximately 7 feet wide, made of steel, and has a sleeve on each side to hold additional weight. It typically weighs around 45 lbs., although, it can vary. It is the kind of bar that once you get acquainted with you won’t want to leave because it can make you stronger, build you up, and help you to heal.

In order to work it’s magic though it needs you to show up consistently. This does not need to be everyday, but at least 3 -4 days a week.

It also needs you to listen to your body, which means that you don’t want to add a whole bunch of weight and hurt yourself, nor do you want to undershoot the amount of weight that you use, as you want to get stronger.

This is where the Starting Strength method comes into play, especially for those just beginning their lifting journey. It’s an additional 5 lbs each workout. There will come a time when your body says “Nope, that is not going up” and you will need to recalibrate. You might decide to move to the HLM method or the Texas Method. Both of these methods are explained in the Starting Strength book, which I highly recommend that you read.

Back to why showing up at the bar consistently is important.Not only does it help with your PRs (personal records), soreness, and generally building muscle. It also helps to heal physically and mentally.

For nearly 20 years my hip has bothered me. I have a sacroiliac torsion and have gone through physical therapy on and off for it. When I started lifting consistently and with the right form I began to notice that some days my hip pain was totally gone.

After having gone through EMDR therapy I came to realize I carry my pain (stress) in my right shoulder and my hip - lifting consistently helps me to relieve that stress. On days when I feel pain in those two areas first I sit it and ask myself “What’s going on?” Then, I usually show up to the bar and literally work it out.

Regardless of whether you show up at the bar or do some other form of exercise find a consistent routine and stick with it. Your body and brain will be grateful and your heart and soul more joyful!

Ya'll have a beautiful day ya'll!

All My Love,


*Note - if you have never lifted or even if you have, but are getting back into it, consider contacting a trainer to offer you support as you learn more about the lifts and to help keep you accountable.

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