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On Fire for Life|Week 9 Day 4| Learning to Be On Fire For Life!

Over the past 9 weeks we have learned how incredibly valuable our body is as it is the place that houses and protects all of the beautiful components of who we are. Let’s take a moment to walk back through what we have learned.

We learned that our bodies are beautiful vessels of love.

We learned to listen and look for the love and laughter.

We learned to let the sun shine through us.

We learned to be thoughtful about what brings us energy and peace.

We practiced smiling until we saw our smile grow brighter and brighter and could feel the sun’s rays radiating from us.

We learned to be a friend who lifts others up when an open door is blocked.

We walked proudly waving our white flag letting the light and love shine through.

We learned that the time we spend waiting is meant to give us a chance to slow down and refocus, so that we can move forward with more peace, love, and joy in our hearts.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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