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On Fire for Life|Week 9 Day 3| Learning to Be On Fire For Life!

Each day for the past 9 weeks we have grown more and more on fire for life and are more and more excited about what lies ahead. Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful places we have been in our journey.

We learned to love and understand that what we put into our mind over a period of a few days can begin to shift it – positively or negatively – depending on what we are putting in. What is amazing about that gift is that the more we continue to pour in positive, uplifting thoughts the more we will begin to reflect positive, uplifting thoughts.

We learned that by asking for help while we work to rewrite our story, we are better able to retrain our brain to know that we are safe now.

We learned that when we slow down and clear our schedule for a few moments each day to spend time with God. Our schedule opens up. It becomes filled with more time for doing the things that bring us peace, joy, hope, and comfort.

We learned the importance of being kind to ourselves, so that we could in turn be kind to others. We learned that most of us like to be snuggled up next to the calm and warming fire wrapped in love.

We learned that when we have a better understanding and clearer direction if we are pulled off track for a moment, it’s okay. We have a foundation in place. We have a plan in place that we can go back to that tells us exactly what we need to get done.

We learned that by walking through an open door we might take a path that we were not planning to go on, but one that we needed to go on. Sometimes opening a door helps us to see things that we might not have otherwise seen.

We learned that much like the honeybee, forgiveness is about all of us working together to create an incredibly strong beehive where we build, clean, and protect our hive, clear the air, and work together to feed one another.

Finally, we learned that home is truly in our hearts. And as long as we continue to nurture our homes, build a fire in our homes, and take care of our homes, then our hearts will overflow with joy and we won’t have to travel far to be on fire for life.

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Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All My Love,


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