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On Fire For Life|Week 3 Day 4|Be Like A Child

Let the sunshine through you! Get down and dirty today! Be like a child and get messy. If you have ever watched children play, most are not afraid to take out every toy in the box, use every block on the shelf or pour every grain of sand onto the floor or onto themselves. They are not afraid of the mess, of the cleanup. They are not afraid to make a mistake.

As we work with them, we see that even in the mess we learn. We see that even the messiest of messes can be cleaned up. We see that even in the mess there are moments of light, love, and laughter. Even in the darkest of dirt and the thickest of mud there is a grinding and grounding taking place that cleanses and refreshes us. It helps us to pull off those dead layers. Those layers that are no longer serving us. It removes those layers of hardness and aging to open up the door for a fresh new glow. A fresh new look. A life filled with light and love.

Today’s activity for the body calls us to get into the sunshine. It calls us to go outside, to get dirty. Take some time this next week to be more like a child and get on fire for life!

Record your activity here and have fun interacting with the world around you.

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All My Love,


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