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On Fire For Life| Week 3 Day 3| Be Like A Child

In our life of cell phones, internet and gaming in the palm of our hand or even on our wrist, schedules packed with “things to do” and “people to see” hour after hour, sometimes God gets lost. It’s not that we purposely intend for that to happen, it is just what does, as a result of the quick pace life that we can sometimes live.

Isn’t it nice to know that even though we might lose God momentarily, He never loses us? He is always there working behind the scenes, working through us to grow and mold us into the person that He has called us to be. Isn’t it nice to know that even in this quick pace world, that when we take a moment to turn our heart towards Him, He is there with open arms, to embrace and hold us close? Isn’t it nice to know that God is better than Wal-Mart or Whataburger, he is open 24/7 even on His birthday? 😉 You will find absolutely everything you need when you walk through His doors. There is no limit to the work that He can do, the opportunities He has to offer you, or the life He has planned for you.

In this hectic life that we can sometimes live, I encourage you to clear your schedule for a few hours each day and mark it God. When you give Him time there’s something that happens in your schedule that is pretty amazing. It opens up. It becomes filled with more time for doing the things that bring you peace, joy, hope, and comfort. It becomes filled with beautiful moments that can never be relived or replicated again, only felt with the heart.

Take time this week, to sit down with Jesus. Envision Him sitting there next to you. If it’s curled up in your favorite chair or laying on the ground stretched out with your notebook and a pen in front of you. See Him there, sitting or lying next to you. Talking like you are best friends. Laughing. Crying. Him nodding His head as you fight through your anger, knowing that He understands. Feel His loving arms embrace you and hold you close. Share with Him everything about your life.

Take a moment to listen to What A Friend I’ve Found by Hillsong.

Record your thoughts on the Activity for the Mind handout. Then follow the activity immediately after.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All my love,


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