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On Fire for Life| Week 3 Day 2| Be Like A Child

Spend time this week between the pages. Not pages of documents, spreadsheets or work. Not novels or self-help, not even the Bible, but in children’s books. Try to recall your favorite children’s story. If it is still on the shelves, go to the library and read through it again and again. Recall how you felt, what you heard, what you saw, what you imagined.

Then grab a few more books from the shelves. Look at the pictures. Pay attention to the vibrant colors and the detail. Maybe the character was in a quandary and had to work out an issue. Consider what they did, how they did it, and how they were able to get help or come to the realization that they needed to look inside themselves for the answer. Maybe the characters had to learn to work together to get to an agreeable outcome. Think about what they did, how they did it, and how they were able to come to a healthy compromise. Maybe it’s just an all together fun, loving book and there is not anything more than a lesson of joy and hope, love and laughter by the end of the story.

Note what you find on the Activity for the Heart handout. Then spend a few moments sitting with the joy, the excitement, the peace in your heart. Breathe and believe.

Ya’ll have a wonderful day!

All My Love,


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