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On Fire for Life| Week 3 Day 1| Be Like a Child

Celebrate your childhood and pull the innocence back into your life. We can’t go backwards, but we can pull from the world that we once knew. The world filled with gumdrops and lemon drops. The world filled with Ninja turtles and Barbie. The world filled with bike rides and tricycle and hot wheels races. The world where blanket forts filled the living room and playing with cousins was a normal part of life. The world filled with digging a hole to China in the red river dirt then deciding you were never going to make it, so it would be more fun to put your little brother in it and fill it up with water. Oh, what a day that would be!

Okay, so I probably could not convince my 6’3” brother to crawl into a hole again, much less dig a 6’3” hole even with help from my cousins, but I can recall the energy and excitement surrounding that moment. I can recall the love that we shared and embrace the world around me with that same excitement.

I like to bottle up these moments and carry them with me. Just like a bottle of champagne, I can uncork them and suddenly life is all bubbly and exciting. The energy that I find in that moment, can help propel me through those times when my innocence is stripped, and I begin to grow hard-hearted. It helps to remind me that we all once dug holes in the ground that we couldn’t get out of. It helps to remind me that we all once found ourselves in the middle of a Barbie and Ninja turtle war. It helps to remind me that we all were once winners and we all were once losers. It helps to remind me that life was once beautiful for all of us.

Celebrating childhood and choosing innocence helps to remind me that the decision I make, in the moment where my innocence is stripped and I want to grow hard hearted, can bring peace, joy, and love. It helps to remind me that I can choose kind words. It helps to remind me that I can choose to take in a deep breath and let go. It helps to remind me that I can help clean up the mess. It helps to remind me that I have a choice.

In a world that is sometimes filled with raindrops, I can choose to stick out my tongue and catch a few, but I do not have to stand in the rain forever. I can choose to walk back inside and if I happen to carry in a few raindrops with me it’s okay because I can clean them up. I have a God who is bigger than even the biggest raindrop who created a beautiful life for all of us. We only have to choose to live!

Take a moment today to begin to reconnect with your childhood innocence here and watch today's video here.

Ya'll have a wonderful day! Get strong!

All my love,


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