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Jump into the Day with Music

There’s power in the words and melody of a song and where there is power usually strength and healing come along too.

Many times walking into my grandparents home, polka time played on the radio. The same could be said for my parents house too. Most polka music is joyful, it puts a spring in your step and many times brings laughter to your soul.

There is of course all sorts of other types of music too. There are those songs that bring love, those songs that bring tears, those songs that inspire us, and yes even songs that encourage us to fight. There are songs with words. There are songs without words. There are songs that calm us down and bring us peace. There are songs that amp us up and get us moving.

Whatever season of life you are in, wherever you are in this moment on your journey there is a song or ten written just for you. Take a moment to find it, feel it, sing with it, dance with it, cry with it, just be with it. Turn up the music and jump into the day!

Y’all have a beautiful one!

All My Love,


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