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Jump Into the Day Preparing to be a Sanctuary!

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I think this is my favorite way to envision myself in my day --- a quiet, bright, light --- a sanctuary--- smiling with lots of sunshine and rainbows beaming everywhere. Some days I wish I was an artist because most days the images I have in my mind are beautiful and it would be amazing to see my sanctuary for real. In my mind, my sanctuary is this beautiful lush green field, with the sun shining brightly and a cool soft breeze. In the distance, there is a gazebo covered in beautiful lattice work with white flowing curtains that reflect tiny rainbows when the sun’s beams bounce from them. There is a bench inside the gazebo that spans one side of it. There are wildflowers in the field in the distance, but the gazebo is surrounded by red, white, and fire and ice roses. There may even be a star-gazer lily or two there. Sometimes, I dance through the field in a long flowing vintage dress whistling and singing, carrying a basket or watering can tending to the grounds. Other days I can be found sitting in the gazebo just watching and waiting. Some days I invite a person or two to sit with me, but mostly I go to my sanctuary just to be with God and feel His peace and love as it radiates through my body. My sanctuary is a place that I can go to rest or to work out an issue. When I feel like I am being challenged or am working on an important, but quick decision, I might pop into my sanctuary just to keep my feet on the ground or to remind me to be generous and thoughtful when I might not want to be.

What I love about my sanctuary is that I get to choose what I let in and who I let in. It’s not meant to be a place to leave people out, but it’s meant to be a place that is safe and sacred to me where I can go for healing, peace, or just because I need a moment to feel God’s amazing love and mercy. It’s a place I can go to, so that I can provide a sanctuary for others who maybe have not been able to find their own or who have forgotten what their sanctuary looks like and are hurting. It’s a place I can go to find healing, so that I can in turn sit with others while they heal. It’s a place I can go all on my own that does not require me to leave the situation, it does not require money, or sacrifice, just a moment in my mind that helps me to get quiet and breathe in God’s healing love.

Preparing to be a sanctuary does take time and work and I think everyone’s journey into becoming a sanctuary looks just as different as the sanctuary itself. If you have not quite figured out what your sanctuary looks like, I encourage you to ask yourself:

Where is it that I can go to feel safe and keep my space sacred, so that I can refuel and bring sunshine and rainbows to those around me?

I encourage you to enjoy every moment of every day as you prepare to be a sanctuary and jump into the day! Ya’ll have fun!

All My Love,


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