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Jump Into the Day With Your Heels and Pearls!

Grab hold of your best pair of high heeled shoes and your favorite set of pearls and read on.

The way in which we carry ourselves and the way in which we behave has much to do with the way we perceive and envision ourselves.

Heels and pearls are typically associated with Princesses and Queens, First Ladies, actresses, business women and weddings.

Women like Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbara Bush, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and my Mom.

My Mom doesn't carry the title of queen or princess, yet we know she’s the quiet light leading our family and she definitely jumps into the day with her heels and pearls.

Growing up and especially in my teenage years I could not wear a dress without a reminder to wear a slip and pantyhose. I remember a navy blue, polka dot dress that I adored because it not only looked good on me, but one that a slip was not necessary for.

At some point in high school, I remember feeling most comfortable in big sweaters, boots, and jeans. I loved my Dad’s button-down shirts, especially the flannel ones and that became my attire most days.

As, I consider these two styles I think about how they compliment one another.

Heels and pearls help me find power and strength. They remind me that I am a princess. They remind me that I am worthy of love and good things. They remind me to enjoy the refined times, the beautiful moments in life. They remind me to hold myself and my ideas in high regard. They remind me to present myself well and stay grounded. They remind me that details are important.

My boots and jeans help me find my power too. Though this is where I find my drive. The thickness of the heel on the boot reminds me to plant myself and stay rooted. They remind me of the hard and grinding work that I am capable of. They remind me that you have to get down and dirty sometimes. They remind me to dance and sometimes not take life so seriously. They very much compliment my heels and pearls.

Mostly, though I have found comfort in knowing who I am.

A princess in the eyes of God. His princess who sometimes forgets where her true strength and power come from. A princess who sometimes works so hard she forgets to take time to spend with Him. A princess who sometimes forgets to ask Him to get in the car and can drive herself right off a cliff. Regardless of what she does though, he still shows up. In fact, He is always there to dance with his daughter and remind her of whose she is.

We all have a favorite outfit. An outfit that helps us to find our power and drive. A choice of attire that makes us feel great! Regardless, of what you choose to wear for the day consider keeping your mind clothed in the best version of you and watch what happens to the way you carry yourself everyday!

Most importantly remember that you are a princess worthy of love and every wonderful thing our world has to offer you!

Ya'll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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