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Jump Into the Day with Courage!

When I think about jumping into the day with courage there are two images I see.

The first is this funny image of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz with his paws drawn up saying “Put’em up! Put’em up!” He was learning how to find his courage and seemed to be challenging his friends to fight him. I think that is how we walk through life at times, with our fists drawn. Not necessarily because we want to, but because somewhere down the road something happened that caused us to feel like we were in a battle or needed to fight. And, when we are learning to find courage it can sometimes look like we are challenging even those who are closest to us, most likely because we can practice finding courage with them in a safe environment.

The second image I have is really more of a song --- Gloria Estefan’s Get On Your Feet.

As I consider the lyrics:

“Not long ago I could feel your strength and your devotion What was so clear, is now overcast With mixed emotions Deep in your heart is the answer Find it, I know it will pull you through”

I think about how so many of us, as children, had no qualms about trying new things even risky things, asking questions, and sharing our ideas (many of us grew up in a time of “show-n-tell” – you know when your teacher asked you to bring in a themed item from your house for the week and tell your class your story). We were naive and innocent. We were children and somewhere along the line we slowly began to lose that innocence and began to put up walls, draw up our fists, withdraw, doubt ourselves, and slowly our “strength and devotion… became overcast.”

Today, I encourage you to get on your feet, put down your fists, and for just a moment stop fighting and do something courageous. Create a safe environment around you! If you don’t know what that might be then step into your sanctuary and see if you find the answer there.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Ask God to help you/Make an appointment with a counselor

2) Tell someone that you forgive them/ask someone for forgiveness/forgive yourself

3) Pray for someone who hurt you/pray for someone you hurt

4) Commit to a day/time to do an activity with a friend and do it.

5) Write a letter of love to a significant other/good friend/your child. Then read it to them.

This last one breaks my heart just a little --- a friend shared with me once about how her anxiety was so bad she had not left her house in over 6 weeks. She was hiding out. She didn’t know why, but she was super excited to have left her house to go to the grocery store that day. If that is you – if you have not been out of your house in days, especially weeks. I encourage you to dig deep and walk out of the front door of your home and into the world. It’s a beautiful place! Then, please make an appointment with a counselor. You deserve an incredible life, in a safe and incredible world!

Whatever courageous act you choose, choose to do it in love, breathe through it and enjoy every moment!

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All my love,


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