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Celebrate the Things That You Love - Whiskey

My goodness how I love a good glass of whiskey! I usually prefer it neat and just enough to warm my soul.

My favorites are Noah and Booker. There’s something about their smoothness and refreshing taste that is just appealing.

So, so many memories pour in as I think about my experience with whiskey.

From the old pickle jar partially filled with Jack Daniels that I carried in the backseat of my car when I was 18 to the many, many times I spent sipping on the good stuff with friends and family around the fire.

My favorite memory though was going on a tour of the whiskey distilleries in Kentucky with my husband and our girls.

As we walked through the distillery we learned about the area and the people who created that particular brand. We learned about and saw all of the work, the effort, the thought processes, and the creative energy used to craft the very best whiskey.

We learned about the missteps that caused fires and gallons of whiskey to be lost and about the recovery efforts of the company. We learned about the heart and soul that goes into making the whiskey. We realized at the end of the day when you are sitting down to relax and have a drink there’s truly a lot of sweat and in most cases at some point even some tears that have gone into that glass of goodness that you are privileged to hold in your hand.

And, suddenly you are reminded about the special times.

Those times that you spent learning more about the heart and soul of the special people in your life while sipping on the good stuff. And, suddenly you realize how incredibly privileged you are to be able to celebrate the good stuff!

What good stuff will you celebrate today? What heart and soul moments can you recall?

Ya'll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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