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Celebrate the Things that You Love - Kit Kat Bar

Celebrating a fresh Kit-Kat bar! There’s nothing really significant about it. I just like it. No memory or story that goes along with it.

As a teenager and even into my 20's it never tasted sweet. As I have aged it has certainly become sweeter tasting. I don’t think anything has changed about the way it’s made, but my pallet has become more refined. So, I like to eat it with a cup of black coffee.

Sometimes, I like to pull it apart and eat it one chocolate coated wafer layer at a time. Other times, I just like to bite into all the layers and hear the crunch of the crispy thin layers. It is just satisfying and absolutely worth every calorie!

Consider giving yourself a break today and enjoy every minute of goodness that our life can bring us. Celebrate your life today with your favorite satisfying treat!

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,


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