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Setting Up Your Home Office and Teaching from Home

Basically, you need a computer, yourself, and a mic. You are a teacher and can walk your students step-by-step through nearly any circumstance just by asking questions, listening, and responding.

I know though that because you are a teacher your head is spinning with 150 questions similar to:

What is this all going to look like? How will this ever happen? How the heck am I ever going to be able to do it all?

In short, it’s going to look ugly, but you will make it look beautiful. It’s not all going to happen, but you will make it look like it is and, you won’t do it all. You are one person with only so much time. Allow your team to help you- and if your team consists of the voices in your head then help them to talk to you with kindness and love. 😉

Back to the work area.

Some of you have little littles at home, so consider a more mobile setup, so that you can move into their play area or onto the floor if necessary. This is obviously not ideal, but we are not working under ideal circumstances, so we will work with what we have to create an environment where everyone is safe and happy. And, mom or dad can still earn a living without becoming completely overwhelmed.

My current desk has grown from a corner desk with doors that closed and one monitor, to a regular desk with two monitors, to a super high tech fancy desk made of a piece MDF that was in the garage and crates that I inherited from a beautiful retiring teacher. It’s not at all fancy, but it does an excellent job of holding three monitors and all my extras.

My current office space is right off our living room. Years ago, I worked from that space, but was in a corner and at times loud, so I moved upstairs to a spare bedroom where it was quiet and I could shut the door. Then I found loneliness and isolation there, so I moved back downstairs in front of three windows that look outside to the backyard. This helps me to keep letting the light in, plus I can step outside for a quick moment for a breather. It’s also inside of my workout area, which is helpful in staying focused on keeping myself physically fit. And, although it can get a bit noisy at times and my family lines up there sometimes all at once, it’s far healthier than the alternative.

In the midst of taking the picture for this post I saw all of my binders and books and realized that some of you may be working without any materials or very few. Most of you will have curriculum specialists and librarians to guide you, but remember google can be a wonderful resource. If you use the advanced search option from your computer you can drill down to resources from education and government websites by searching for only .edu or .gov sites.

In sum, your home office space should include:

Computer Mic Camera Notebook Pen/pencil A flat area to work from A wireless mouse and keyboard would be nice. A second or third monitor could make navigation easier. You seeing yourself smiling in every interaction.

Oh and by the way your spouse and children may need computer access too. Do the best you can to share the time between devices. Couches and a TV tray, cart table, or the kitchen table can make excellent work spaces too. 😉

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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