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On Fire For Life| Week 6 Day 3| Opening A Door

Writing can be one of the most therapeutic activities, especially when you learn how to write. I laugh at that statement because honestly there is not a right or wrong way to write. I mean there is certainly grammar rules and organization and flow. And, of course word choice, but when we set that all aside it’s really just words. Which I laugh at because suddenly I am transported to a scene in Hamlet when he is talking with Polonius and calls him a fishmonger. Then proceeds to tell him he is just reading “words, words, words” basically indicating that words mean nothing without action.

The word fishmonger makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time and then I ponder about words meaning nothing without action and suddenly I am off writing about a completely different topic then what I had planned.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Some days I sit down to write about extremely serious topics. I sit down to write with frustration and anger in my heart. I sit down to write because I don’t understand. I sit down to write because I cannot stop crying. Some days I sit down to write happy, joyous moments. Some days I sit down to write and get out five words just before I drift off to sleep.

Regardless, at times my writing takes me on a path I was not planning to go, but one that I needed to go. Sometimes it helps me to see things I might not have otherwise seen. Sometimes it helps me to see things about a completely unrelated topic and brings light to issues I had not planned on or did not even know I needed to address. It is fascinating, some days, where my writing takes me.

Regardless of when you write, how you write, what you write, or where you write I encourage you to write each day if only for a moment. There might be some valuable information hiding inside of you just waiting to burst out. 😉

For deeper work in prayer and writing to God click here.

Get on Fire For Life Ya’ll! Have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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