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On Fire for Life|Week 6 Day 1|Opening A Door

There are open doors all around us we just have to look for them. Sometimes they come in the form of people, angels in our lives who are there only for a moment and then gone. Sometimes they come in the form of our children or our spouse. Standing right there in front of us and if we are not careful, we may miss them. Sometimes they come to us through friends who have been with us for what seems like a lifetime. Sometimes they come to us through the most inconspicuous source. Regardless, of where they come from, they are meant for us to walk through them. To have faith that God is constantly working for us as we enter into this new world of light and love.

You see we don’t have to go far if we just believe.

A couple of weeks ago, I briefly wrote about the twins that sometimes run around in my head. Admittedly when they first started popping into my mind, they scared the heck out of me because I seriously thought I was losing my mind. Then I remembered that I was blessed with an imaginary friend long ago and I figured if I were truly crazy, I would have figured that out by now. So, I went with it and boy am I so incredibly grateful that I did. They have helped me do a tremendous amount of healing over the past couple of years.

I have only shared “The Twins” with a couple of others, but they tell me that they brought them great joy, so I am hopeful that they will do the same for you. And, one day, I hope that you will have your own sent of twins too. 😉

I actually had not seen them in a while, but last week they came back running through the daisy’s, smiling and laughing. The boy in jeans, a plaid shirt, boots, and a cowboy hat. The girl in an off-white flowery dress with dark brown leather Mary Jane’s.

Today, as I sit down to write:

“There it is! In the distance there. Do you see it?” She says with a smile she can almost not contain. Rising to her tippy, tippy toes.

He peers forward, as far as his eyes can see. “Yep!” There it is he thought. She was right and boy was it lovely.

Blues and greens coupled with orange and yellow hues. He had never seen anything so spectacular. He couldn’t believe it.


It was unbelievable. More than he could have ever asked or imagined. Yet, there he was, yet there they were standing in front of its doors. Well, they still had a few more steps to walk, but they would be there shortly.

They had always wondered what it looked like. And, soon they would know.

Is it like home? Would it be like their favorite place? Would their grandparents, and aunts and uncles who had gone before them greet them?

They didn’t know.

One thing was certain – that door glowed. It was almost as if it were on fire.

On fire for them. On fire for Life. On Fire for God. That’s how their souls felt. Together in love with God and with one another.

They would stand there – together – just staring. Holding hands, tears streaming down their face. They couldn’t believe it. They were finally there. There at the open door.

God told them if they waited, if they just believed and let Him work that he would bring them to this place. This place of beauty, of hope, of light, of love. He told them He just needed a little more time. He told them that His plans were far greater than theirs. He told them that He had plans to prosper them. To bring them hope and joy and love.

For those of you who want to do deeper work and explore the open door click here.

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All My Love,


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