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On Fire for Life|Week 5 Day 2|The Power of Words

Simple words like “I am sorry” or “I would like to understand” can open the door to healing and bring love and light into a relationship that may have otherwise remained broken.

Once the door is open, the words that we choose moving forward become even more critical. Gentle, thoughtful words like “I care” or “I want to know more” help the person to know that you are considering their perspective and their feelings.

Honest, direct communication is also important. Remember that you are working to rewrite the brokenness. You can’t start over again, but you can walk closer in alignment with one another by taking the time to be thoughtful and carefully choosing your words.

If you find apologizing or choosing your words carefully to be difficult at times, consider doing the following:

1) Write your thoughts on a piece of paper.

2) Then read them out loud to yourself.

3) Once you are ready, ask the person if you can talk.

4) Take the page with you when you sit down to talk.

5) Let the person know that you are new to this.

6) Let them know that you are working to become a better, stronger person and that you might make a mistake or misspeak.

7) Let them know that you have your paper there to guide you, to help you.

8) Let them know that you are truly sorry or that you want to understand more.

9) Then take in a deep breath. Be brave and hold onto love. ❤

10) Then begin.

We are talking about the power of words, but eye contact in these situations of repair and healing is equally important. Let your eyes speak the love in your heart.

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Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All my love,


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