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On Fire for Life|Week 4 Day 4|Learning to Be Merciful

Most days life brings about events that keep us on our toes. Some days we can waltz gracefully through them, while others look like a mixture of hip-hop, reggae, and a scene from Footloose. If we are not careful, we can get twisted around and be upside down in a hurry. On these days it is important to step away or remove ourselves from the party and just get quiet. Let our bodies rest.

Many times, we arrive home and the kids need dinner, or you need to be at a soccer game before you even make it home, or someone ate the last slice of bread and you were planning on having sandwiches for dinner. And it is hard to find the time, to find the quiet to withdraw, or rest. During those times, a meditation can be calming and helpful. It is good to have something in reserve that you can pull from in a moment or two. Something that will bring you peace but re-energize you at the same time.

This week be thoughtful about what brings you energy and peace. Then use it.

Some suggestions to get your thoughts percolating:

2) Quiet meditation music that you can sit with for a moment and listen to

3) Novena or a quick prayer

4) Twins who run around in your head (okay, maybe not everyone has those. One day I will share them with you).

In the meantime, if this week has been especially exhausting for you – take a look at the handout. Then take some time to rest.

Ya’ll take care and have a wonderful day!

All my love,


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