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Jump Into the Day Being Honest!

Recently, at work we have been challenged to stretch and grow. Ironically, as educators we challenge our students to stretch and grow often, but when we are asked to do the same, we tend to fight it tooth and nail. So, a colleague reached out to me to ask how I was dealing with the additional workload and teaching a course I had never taught before. I answered with something to the tune of “if I am being honest, I am not happy about it, but these things are beyond my control.” I went on to further respond that I can control my attitude and the way in which I perceive things.

I recalled a children’s song called “Driving in My Car” by Ellen Allard that asks children to explore the fun actions of driving in a car one step at a time. The lyrics go something like this: “I’ve got the top down, my sunglasses on, got my scarf around my neck, got the radio on” Then they are finally “Vroom, Vroom driving” in their car.

To my colleague that day I was able to say that it reminds me that I can drive by things that are not priorities knowing that if necessary, I can do a u- turn and come back, but as I thought about this idea more it really became an exciting visual for me.

Every day, I get to drive a brand-new car! And, boy does that make me SMILE! I get to choose what sunglasses I want to wear, who is in the car with me, the music I want to listen to, and whether the top is up or down. I get to choose whether we laugh and smile on our journey and where we stop along the way. Certainly, there are going to be detours and I am not going to want to wait in traffic, but in those moments, I can choose to enjoy the scenery and perhaps make a new friend while I wait. At the very least, hopefully, I will bring a smile to the guy sitting in traffic next to me, as he watches me belt out a tune and wave my hands in the air while we wait. And, if I am lucky my detour may even put me near a Bucee’s where I can drop in for a cup of coffee and rice krispie treat.

If I am being honest, change can feel like drudging through mud on a hot a humid Houston, TX day…it’s ugly, dirty, messy, and can be incredibly exhausting. But, when you’re driving a brand-new car each day change can be one incredibly exciting, amusing and almost refreshing journey.

At the very least, driving a new car each day helps me to prioritize and get to my destination with a smile. Even when I must do a few u-turns. And, if I am being honest, that might mean a u-turn to pick up the Man who graces me with my new car each day. 😉

Where is your car headed today? Are you driving or is someone else in control? And, of course what special treat are you taking on your road trip?

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!!

All my love,


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