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On Fire For Life - Day 4 -Activity for the Body!

She walked

She talked

With strength and love

She walked

She talked

With the light from above

She walked

She talked

With everyone she knew

She walked

She talked

She grew tired

She rested

She prayed

She dreamt of a new day

When she would walk without pain.

Our bodies are beautiful vessels of light and love, but in moments of pain sometimes we forget to refuel our vessels. Forgetting to rest. Forgetting to keep them moving.

In the Activity for the Body in On Fire For Life Day 4 you are encouraged to walk at least 3 days this week and take 3 naps. If you are already working out and resting, you might still benefit from the reflection in this activity. Click here for the activity.

In the “How do you feel” section note your breathing, your mental state, and how your body feels. Make note of any areas of pain or areas where there was pain, but now it feels lighter or perhaps is gone.

In the “Anything special you would like to note” section consider making notes about any ideas or thoughts you had while you were walking. Or anything that you noted that has changed in how you are feeling from the beginning of your walk to the end of your walk. Or maybe just a special motivational comment that you want to remember.

For a quick video supplement, click here.

My favorite time to walk is in the early morning as the sun is rising and the birds are chirping. It’s such a peaceful time. If you find it difficult to get started or just want company, consider inviting a friend, your spouse, a child or all three to go with you. Go it alone in silence or with music. Regardless of when or how you decide to walk, enjoy every minute. As you walk out the doorway, as well as, when you get home stop for just a moment, smile and say, “I am on fire for life!”

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All my love,


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