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Lean into PTSD - Day 9 of Prayer

Our heart and passions flourish when we are in alignment with our soul and God’s plan for us. Believing that God is truly working in every circumstance helps to cultivate our trust in Him and strengthen our relationships with others.

Often the words “stick with me, the best is yet to be” pass through my mind. I have come to understand that it is God asking me to come sit down and visit with Him. He is interested in everything that I have to say. He will listen and maybe even laugh, but mostly He just wants to be with me. Visiting with God is fun! It’s enjoyable. It’s time for us to get to know each other. It’s relaxing. We talk through issues, share in joys, and every once in a while enjoy a good laugh. God always has a way of letting us know what to do and highly recommends what we don’t do… but if we mess up He lovingly accepts us and always enjoys our visit, which brings peace to the soul.

Often He does not just fix the issue or give us what we want; more often than not, nothing changes, but a soulful peace naturally comes through our daily visits with Him. Eventually, we come to understand why most things have not changed and how to live a beautiful life in spite of unmet or unrealized expectations and goals. As we learn to walk closer to Him and the life He wants us to live it is important to lean in.

Like a guard refusing to let anyone or anything that would interrupt, hurt, or injure the soul in, it is good to practice capturing, holding, and rerouting thoughts that do not align with our values. Shifting us out of places that are harmful to our spirit. Showing us how to stand strong even when the adversary is against us, we get to choose what stays and what goes. Much like brushing our teeth everyday is important to our physical health, so is prayer each day important to our spiritual well being. 

Taking time to serve and listen to the elderly, crippled, blind or imprisoned to include those individuals who struggle with day to day battles of mental illness, pain, depression, and addiction offers them comfort and joy and can help them to feel stronger.

By actively engaging with God through daily prayer and meditation and encouraging others in their spiritual journey, we can create a deeper faith and experience true peace and contentment which leads to a beautiful transformation. Much like a farmer often goes out to check on the crops or tend to the animals so we must frequently check on the condition of our heart and soul. This will help us stay grounded and focused on our own spiritual growth which provides us with more opportunities to lean in with peace, trust, strength, and discipline.

Heavenly Father, thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for leaning into our unmet or unrealized expectations and helping us to see that you have a better plan for us. Thank you for helping us to shift out of places that are harmful for our spirit and into places that help us to live with peace. Lord, thank you for providing more opportunities for us to lean in with peace, trust, strength, and discipline. Lord, we pray tonight for the families with PTSD who have not received a diagnosis and are searching for answers. Lean into them, we pray. Thank you for all the gifts that you have given to us. We are forever yours. Amen.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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