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30 Days of Prayer for PTSD - Day 29

"Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship." - Romans 12:1

Post-traumatic stress can stem from various sources. Although commonly associated with military and war experiences, it can also arise from car accidents, prolonged illnesses, witnessing accidents, or any event that compromises your peace and safety. Different individuals possess different coping mechanisms, but when your peace is disrupted, so is your trust. This trust may be in yourself, others, or even in God and authority figures. Forgiveness plays a crucial role in rebuilding trust and restoring peace in your life, although it is not always easy to achieve. Despite appearances, true forgiveness may not have been fully embraced.

As we come to the tail end of our journey in learning more about how to troubleshoot PTSD we want to encourage you to reflect upon situations that you may not have fully released. Take note of them and ask God to reveal what you need to know.

God is merciful and forgiving. He offers peace and comfort, while also restoring trust and providing the strength to move forward. By remaining grounded in Him, we may not always attain the desired outcomes, but we will be guided towards a better life.

Our bodies are not machines, they were all created in the image of God with small imperfections made perfect by Him. It is okay to cry when we are hurt, to laugh when we find something funny, and even to get angry when our morals and values are violated.

In the same way that a machine requires preventative maintenance, rest, and restoration, so do we, but most especially we need love. When we choose to love ourselves and those around us, we can change the entire course of someone's day and enrich their lives.

Seek comfort in the Lord’s presence, knowing that He understands your needs. Find solace in His presence and allow His tranquility to reside in your heart knowing that He is always holding you close.

Lord, we thank you for this powerful reminder that we were created in Your image and that You are always with us. We are grateful for your unwavering presence, even during our most challenging, sorrowful, and darkest moments. Thank you for standing beside us in the midst of our storms. We acknowledge your strength and steadfastness. Thank you for never letting go of us! Have a beautiful day, God! We love you!

All My Love,


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