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Lean Into PTSD - Day 5 of Prayer

We all have a laughable spirit. It is called our soul and it is the place where our greatest dreams and blessings flow. It is the most natural part of who we are. When we open up our hearts and stay in the work peace and tranquility naturally follow. Our soul comes to understand rest. And, when we can learn to love and embrace it, the return on our investment knows no bounds.

We naturally thrive in environments where we are honored, celebrated, and welcomed with open arms. When PTSD is present or when we live in environments that continue to harm our spirit our trust may be compromised and we may find it hard to recognize and accept genuine praise and a warm welcome. The beautiful news is that we are absolutely resilient.

We have the ability to thrive in nearly any environment, but we are not meant to live in circumstances of pain and struggle for a lifetime. For some of us we carry with us the hurt and pain. We have never really grieved or truly processed our pain. Sometimes we continue to live in it. We never allow our authentic personalities to shine. This is neither thriving or flourishing. Rather, it causes us to wilt, our growth is stunted, and the way in which we behave can sometimes stay stuck in that moment in time, we flounder around, like a fish out of water. Flipping and flopping which can sometimes cause us to continue to inflict pain on ourselves physically and emotionally and leave scars on others. Life is not meant to be this way.

I remember when we started our flower garden how beautiful and clean it was. The pots bold with color, the plants tall, green and strong. Over time through the seasons though weeds crept in, paint and pots were chipped, flowers were overwatered, under watered, or just weren’t created to live beyond the season they were in and died. Weeds grew, I weeded. They grew again, my husband weed-eated. During the winter we carried some plants into the house, while others had to leave outside to weather the storm. We protected them the best that we could, but not all would make it. For some, being carried inside made them healthier and stronger. The environment is warmer and drier inside. Others began to wilt or almost burn because they were not meant for life indoors.

Like us every being thrives and flourishes in their own unique environment. Few of us really understand where we thrive until it is revealed to us through a series of trials and moments with God.

That’s not to say that once we think we have it figured out that the pain and the hurt will automatically stop or that we won’t find ourselves in another series of trials, but it is to say that we will have learned what tools and resources are best suited to help us through the trial. Having been in this place before we are usually better equipped - maybe a prayer partner, maybe a specific prayer or novena, maybe just knowing God has to do the work.

When you are working through trauma it can be messy. Let it be. Don’t try to control it; rather, let it work itself out of your body in the best way that you know how.

That might be tears. It might mean investing in a heavy bag. It might mean laying on the cool bathroom tiles and just breathing. It might mean walking for miles. It may mean kneeling in a dressing room or bathroom stall and begging God to cover you with His mercy. It might mean letting the twins run around in your head. Whatever it is or where it comes from let it be with God. He is the Almighty, the one who knows just how to wrap up your wounds; He knows how to raise you up. He helps you to thrive and flourish in circumstances where others might crumble. He is the great conqueror of all sin and death. He is the great waterfall of blessing and the spring of life. When He is your guard- nothing else matters.

Heavenly Father, thank you for helping us to thrive and flourish despite our circumstances. Thank you for helping us to know that we are resilient. Thank you for helping us to know that the tears, the anger, the frustration are all a part of grief, but they are not a place that we have to stay. Lord, help us to carry your light and love with us wherever we go. Help us to honor, love, praise, and welcome others with open arms. Thank you for wrapping up our wounds and pulling us close to You. Most especially Lord, thank you for helping us to live with a laughable spirit. Thank you for all the gifts that you have given to us. We are forever yours. Amen.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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