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Celebrate the Things that You Love - Mashed Potatoes!

My how I love mashed potatoes and gravy.

Growing up whenever we went to my grandparents mashed potatoes were a requirement at nearly every lunch and dinner.

My grandmother would ask us to count out one potato per person and make one extra. She always knew exactly how much was necessary. Few times did we have more than a spoon full of potatoes left at the end of a meal.

We would grab a pie pan and potato peeler. Then take it to the table and sit to peel potatoes. Sometimes there were two or three of us, sometimes a few more. Once one of my uncles came in from the field early and commented that I was peeling wrong.

You see, I am left-handed and there was a time when potato peelers were made primarily for right-handed people. I never paid attention and just thought I peeled potatoes slower than everyone else.

One day my uncle taught me to peel with a knife, which was really neat because he peeled the potato peel in a spiral shape. I really never mastered the spiral technique using a knife; however, at some point my grandmother bought a universal potato peeler and soon I became a potato spiral peeling expert.

As I reflect on these moments, I think about the importance of having the right tools to do your best work.

You see, I was able to work around the issue. In fact, I did not even know any different, but peeling potatoes was frustrating for me. While I always ended up with fabulous mashed potatoes the effort that it took to get to the finished product was much more.

Learning how to peel with a knife was a little faster, but far more dangerous and definitely stressed me out.

But once I found the right tools, I found success!

What in your life have you been working around? What tools could you use to help you to get the job done more efficiently and with more accuracy and success?

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!!

All My Love,


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