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Lean Into PTSD - Day 19 of Prayer

Bringing joy to those around us also brings restoration to our soul and joy to our own lives. Joy is not exactly something that you can be taught or earned- it is simply something that you are. It comes from an ever growing need that must be nourished daily. God is the true maker, protector, and provider of joy- without Him joy could not exist.

Everyday for a few moments do some physical action that makes your heart sing.

SMILE - even when you don’t want to

Sing - even if you think you are terrible

Dance - even if you trip over your own feet

Turn to God in everything that you do.

Pray it helps you to find peaceful rest anchored in Jesus.

That guy that just walked past you in the supermarket – pray for him.

The mom that just cut you off in line – pray for her. Even if you want to yell and scream at her - pray- prayerful practice will become your default and the next time someone cuts you off, you may not even notice.

The man down the street with the two littles who run up and down the street – pray for him and his littles. 

Everyone is fighting a battle – whether that be to raise their children in a healthy, harmonious home, find their faith, or simply being able to get out of bed in the morning. For many of us getting up seems like a simple task for some though, it is monumental.

When you suffer from post-traumatic stress or really any sort of stress or anxiety sometimes walking from the kitchen table to the kitchen sink can take every ounce of strength and courage that you have. 

Think of it this way – until your soul is healed it is like an old worn out truck with four flat tires that you have seen in “Ol what’s his name’s” pasture for the past 17 years. It hasn’t moved. It gets a little rustier, and more worn each time you see it, yet it can be restored. You know it can. And, not only that, but you are certain it can be almost like mint condition. It will definitely take work, lots of elbow grease, money, time, and a great car restoration company, but it can be done. Did you know your soul can heal like that too?

John 15:11 reminds us that joy is in us, so that our “joy may be complete.” He further reminds us to “love each other as [He has] loved [us]. 

Heavenly Father, you are our true Victor! Thank you for restoring our soul and helping us to restore our joy. Our hearts beat melodiously with Yours and sing your praises. Thank you Lord for the practice in restoring our soul and finding more peace, trust, strength, and discipline in our lives. Thank you for all the gifts that you have given to us. We are forever yours. Amen. 

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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