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Jump Into the Day With a Good Heart!

As I write this, I think about my husband’s morning alarm tune “It’s a beautiful mornin’ I think I’ll go outside for a while, and just smile…” It’s a tune sung by The Rascals, which makes me want to smile for a whole other reason. The Little Rascals… most of us grew up with those silly, innocent little characters. They provided countless laughs as they worked together to get themselves out of trouble that they probably could have avoided in the first place. Like most of us though they always started with good intentions and ended with a good heart.

For just a moment today, think about those times that you could have probably avoided some of the trouble you have found yourself in, but consider for a moment where your heart was. Chances are you started out with a good intention. Think about the lessons you learned and move forward into the day with a good heart ---- but this time try to stay out of trouble! 😉

Have a beautiful day ya'll! Go outside and SMILE!

All my love,


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