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Holding Christmas in Your Heart

For Christmas 2020, my Mom gave each of us an angel with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree on the skirt and just above it a pink heart held between the angel’s hands. She wanted us to have a remembrance of my grandmother who went to her heavenly home earlier that year.

My grandfather would join my grandmother just a few months later in 2021 and so, the Angel carried with it just a bit more significance this year. As I went to hang it on our tree, I actually decided that I wanted it with me on a day to day basis and placed it on my desk.

It has been a reminder, for several weeks now, to carry Christmas with me.

There is a kind of joy and peace that comes with Christmas, that doesn’t seem to always come throughout the year. It’s a day of holiness, adoration, celebration, and thoughtfulness that seems to be especially recognizable on Christmas Day and my hope is that I can cultivate this same type of behavior each day.

Holiness- consecrating my thoughts, words, and actions to God each day and working to live for Him. Asking God to remind me when I might be living out of alignment with His will.

Adoration - living with a deep love and respect for God and everything that he has created. Looking for opportunities to help where I can.

Celebration - enjoying each day as it comes with the small blessings that come. Taking a moment to stand out in the sun or listen to the rain as it falls.

Thoughtfulness - look for opportunities to help others and make their lives more comfortable. Taking a moment to call to check on someone or noticing when someone might need a kind word or pause in their life.

As I conclude my thoughts for the day, I cannot help, but want to also sing the Christmas songs that we sang countless times in the living room at my grandparents. That gift of time together might be what I carry with me the most.

May the spirit of Christmas be in your heart today and everyday. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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