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Celebrate Your Family Traditions!

In celebration of National Polka Day and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I want to take a moment to celebrate and thank my Mom and Dad for passing on our Polish/Czech traditions!

I am convinced that polka music sets their souls on fire and even more convinced that when my Dad enters heaven it will rain down polka drops. I have no idea what polka drops could even look like, but I am convinced they will be singing and dancing when they fall. They absolutely adore dancing to polka music similar to the polka’s played by Red Ravens Polka Band and many times when we gather at their home our Dad has polka music on. There was a time in our life where we would roll our eyes at the sound of the music, especially when Dad even had to play it in the car. We are grown now and have a completely different appreciation for the culture our parents so deeply love.

We grew up with lullabies like At the Spring Waltz that I passed onto my girls, but can still see myself sitting on my Dad’s knee as he rocked me back and forth and rubbed my back when I couldn’t sleep.

Nearly all of our family weddings start out with The Grand March. You can be assured if there is not a polka band to play the entire reception, there are at least a few polka songs played. My parent’s favorite dance is the waltz – similar to Days of My Youth Waltz. My Mom usually wears a flowing skirt that almost floats around them as they glide across the floor.

BBQ and beer and of course a little whiskey is usually a part of our family gatherings. And, of course the kolaches. Oh, the kolaches --- sweet bits of heaven – especially the poppyseed. My Mom bakes the best ones (although, we won't tell Grandma that).

So, today in celebration of National Polka Day, I share with you her kolache recipe.

If you can’t have a kolache and coffee today – then take a moment to celebrate the traditions in your family.

Smell the warmth of the bread baking, taste the heavenly decadence of the food, and hear the music that brings your family together – if only in your heart and soul. Sit back, smile, and breathe it all in!

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All My Love,


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