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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD – Day 3

On the Road to Peace.

When you live with PTSD there are moments that can cause you to slam on your brakes and behave in ways you would not otherwise, but when God changes the tune on your radio station it helps you to slow down. When you are in less of a rush you are able to be more thoughtful and drive a little more cautiously. Although, there can still be moments where people fail to yield, rush to get around or ahead of us, or cut us off we become less and less triggered. As we become more disciplined and recognize that a trigger is only a temporary condition, we are better able to manage.

Lord, thank you so much for helping us to remember that our cicumstances are only temporary. Thank you for helping us to retrain our brain to find more peace, trust, strength, and discipline in our lives. We ask you to continue to control the station and bring us closer to you and to one another.

Consider taking just a few moments to sit here with God and ask him to show you:

What area in your life can cause you to slam on the brakes? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How can you become more disciplined in the way in which you behave when you have to slam on the brakes?


Where in your life have you seen yourself slowing down and being more thoughtful?


How has this small action helped you to find peace? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We encourage you to take a moment today to thank God for the areas in your life that have helped you to slow down. Thank Him for the small actions that you have been able to put into place that have helped to bring you peace. Then take in a deep breathe, SMILE, and set your heart on love.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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