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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD - Day 2

On the Road to Peace.

When you have PTSD you can go through periods of lack and at times you can feel incredibly alone. As you seek help and begin to heal these moments become fewer and fewer. Though it takes much strength and discipline to continue to work through your trauma and triggers and not just drive on. If you know that you have or think that you might have PTSD we encourage you to make a commitment today to put consistent practices in place that will help you to drive towards peace, trust, strength, and discipline in your life.

Today Lord, we continue driving towards You and towards peace. As our relationship continues to grow and we become closer to one another the love that we share begins to overflow into other areas of our life. We can see it Lord and we want to thank you! We completely trust the work that you are doing in our lives as we become stronger in our commitment to You. Lord, thank you for the reminder that while PTSD is a part of our car it does not drive the car, You do!

For just a few moments sit with our Lord.

Where in your life can you see love overflowing? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What area in your life do you still need to completely give over to God? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ask Him to show you how you can heal this area in your life? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now, take a moment to breathe deeply and SMILE! Give God the wheel. You never know what sort of adventure awaits. He may even change the tune on your radio station.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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